MID-TAC 2019 Bolletteri Tennis & Learning & MID-TAC 14s & 16s Winners & Member Club Support!

The first set of Bollettieri Tennis & Learning and Midwestern Tennis Association Junior Tennis Camp Scholarship winners for 1st place Girls 14 and 16 singles and 1st place Boys 14 and 16 singles. Bella Duncan from Indiana, Sophia Davidson from Indiana, Vaughn (VJ) Smith from Illinois and Devyn Gans of Michigan. Congratulations!

MID-TAC had a very successful 2019 Championship Tournament due mostly to the unending support of our 15 Member Clubs. An additional Thank You goes to the following Clubs for providing goody bag items for the 300 Gift Bags that were distributed to our players during Check-In and throughout the weekend. The players really enjoyed the delicious treats, water and other useful items included in the bag Thanks again for your support!!

MOTOR CITY TENNIS CLUB, President, Burrell Shields; MAYWOOD TENNIS ASSOCIATION, Treasurer, Daryl Thompson; RAINBOW BEACH TENNIS CLUB, President, Shirley Roach; STONY ISLAND TENNIS CLUB. President., Julia Steele; NEWBURG TENNIS ASSOCIATION, President, Alma Brown; WEST LOUISVILLE TENNIS CLUB, President, Dr. Aretha Fuqua, together with MID-TAC’s normal contributions.