MID-TAC 2017 Coaches Connection

MID-TAC 2017 Coaches Junior Workshop & Black Tennis History Celebration was a SMASHING SUCCESS!!

With over 70 juniors in attendance, the Scarborough East Tennis & Fitness Club was the hub for MID-TAC’s 4th Annual Coaches and Instructors Workshop on Saturday, February 11, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio hosted by Wolfe Park Tennis Association.

For over 100 years our Midwest community tennis clubs have supported programs for our juniors. Local clubs have met and engaged in competitive play that included the entire family. Like years in the past, MID-TAC Member Clubs attended and brought their juniors in for this great experience. Hail to Wolfe Park with over 40 juniors in attendance, Inner City Tennis Project of Cincinnati, OH with 13+ juniors, Newburg Tennis Association’s Rising Stars from Louisville, KY with 13+ juniors and Members of Tennis All Stars of Toledo, OH, Capitol City Tennis Club of Indianapolis, IN and Maywood Tennis Association of Maywood, IL for volunteering for this event. We were also honored to have Brandon Smith, Diversity Specialist of the USTA Midwest Section and Marc Stingley of the PTR in attendance and volunteering on every level.

MID-TAC’s Coaches and Instructors Committee (“MCIC”) was developed with the goal of assisting interested coaches and instructors with their programs and resources through a holistic (mind, body and skills) approach to teaching tennis, thus ensuring that qualified junior players are being developed effectively and consistently by our Member Clubs. The first Coaches Workshop was held in Lexington, Ohio on December 10, 2010 with more than 40 participants.

This was the 4th Coaches Workshop and our first opportunity to present and enhance the event by coupling it with a presentation of the rich history of tennis in our African American community. Well displayed exhibits, videos and displays covered various aspects of our history. The Workshop included on-court competition, coupled with off-court presentations allowing juniors to have a balance between the physical and mental aspects of tennis. Coaches, parents and volunteers collaborated on the structure of the day, including every junior receiving a t-shirt, literature and a fantastic Taco & Chicken Bar with punch and dessert.

MID-TAC’s objective is to help our Member Clubs to enhance or create Junior Tennis Development Programs this summer in their respective cities. We are committed to continuing our long history of tennis in our own communities and look forward to supporting all groups who would like to do the same.

For more details or questions contact Ed Amos
President of Wolfe Park Tennis Association
(614) 371-2667 or ea3527@sbcglobal.net?